Bravos Capital

Introduction to the Bravos Token

Our teaching and learning model, where everything we learn is taught. By sharing our knowledge and best practices helping us create a unique authority and credibility in the marketplace, helping to generate new business and value for our products.

The development of this Token goes beyond financial speculation, along with it arises an ideology of taking the importance of financial education more accessible .

We want the investor to become part of Bravos Capital, making it stronger with each new user and popularizing our currency, thereby giving investors a portion of quarterly profits.

Introducing the BRAVOS TOKEN

Autonomous and Decentralized Organizational Structure (DAO)

Type of organizational structure in which daily operations and decision-making responsibilities are delegated by top management to middle and lower-levels within the organization, allowing top management to focus more on major decisions.

Super Partner

An innovation in the acquisition marketplace! With the Super Partner category, the investor will gain 100% of the earnings of Bravos Capitals profits. After the closing of the Initial Currency Offer (ICO), the company will begin its activities in a synchronized and organized way as described in the road map, within a maximum period of 120 days, the entire profitability of the company will be made available to the investors.

How it Works

Mining of Crytocurrencies

Audit and validate transactions in crytocoins, with a structure and technology provided by Bravos

Investment Funds in Cryptocoins (FIC)

Bravos will manage and maintain its resources in the market using an Investment quota of certain crypto-coins


Learn everything about the financial market in a didactic formula


Traditional and virtual currency exchange

Bravos Copy

Profit securely and steadily or go further, being bold and being able to bill much more.

Trading Room

Investment experts and Financial Analysts - Analyzing and Investing in the Market

Tokens Sold


Amount Collected

$ 2,000,000



Asset market with 200 million tokens profitable

Distribution of Token Bravos (BITK)

What will be done with the Ethereums and Bitcoins collected

Projection of growth in the Marketplace

4 Trillions

Cryptocoin consumers

Dated until 2025

Projection of growth in the Marketplace

  • United States 19,731
  • Japan 3,006
  • UK 2,691
  • France 1,313
  • Switzerland 1,275
  • Germany 1,194

Demand For Growth

Introduced to the financial market, BITK has a growth potential of 14 trillion trading volumes. This market moves:

  • Equity
  • Technology
  • Real Estate
  • Stocks
  • Commodities
  • Cryptocurrencies

How to Become a Super Partner?

In order to become a Super Partner, you must be an investor for at least three months to receive up to 100% of the profit sharing.

What is the value of a Super Partner?

To guarantee the ROI it is necessary that the interested party become a Super Partner and leaves their investment allocated in the Bravos Capital system with at least 10,000.00 BITK for the portfolio associated with this node.

The rewards will be distributed instantly to each Super Partner in an automated fashion before even passing through the company, generating a passive income.

The rewards will be distributed instantly to each Super Partner in an automated fashion before even passing through the company, generating a passive income.


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